Quality driven production processes engineered to meet customer specifications    

• Configuration  
Underwriters Laboratories (UL)  certified products    
• Electronic product testing    
Electrostatic Sensitive Device (ESD) procedures in place to assure product safety    
• Specialized inspection and sorting processes per customer specifications    
• Quality Inspections throughout the process to assure specifications are consistently met
Experience with various types of products    
• Document collating and packaging
• Product labeling and packaging
• Bracket assembly
• Metal enclosure assembly
• Accessory kits assembled and packaged
• Terminal block busbars assembled and packaged

There's no silver bullet for success but with our commitment to communication, cooperation, and coordination we ensure that all of our clients' unfulfilled needs are a thing of the past. Our skills and experience along with established relationships in the field provide a platform for us to improve efficiency and effectively manage, store and supply raw/finished goods in a one stop shop.   We work closely with our clients to identify

the best solutions uniquely tailored to meet their specific requirements and have the ability to respond quickly. We collaborate closely with our

local and nationwide alliances which result in highly efficient buying, safe sourcing and minimized expense while maintaining high quality and integrity of materials and finished product.