Vendor Managed Inventory and Procurement Services

Quality driven production processes engineered to meet customer specifications   
• Identify needs and solutions
• Ensure an effective supply chain
• Avoid shortages
• Coordinate logistics
• Track & implement product engineering revisions
• Proper documentation resolve non conforming material issues
• Door to door service with rolled in pricing        

The goal of VMI is to provide a mutually beneficial relationship where both sides will be able to more smoothly and accurately control the availability and flow of goods. We provide a streamlined approach to improve efficiency and effectively manage,  store and supply raw/finished materials.  

• Daily Collaboration with Customers
• Assure an effective Supply Chain
• Replenishment Process
• Coordinate Logistics
• Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
• Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment (CPFR)
• Just in time Delivery and Partnerships 

We have the ability to do just in time deliveries based on our customers' production schedules.
• Helps limit inventory space needed for packaging materials
• Next day or same day service
• Consignment